We are a bridge between your


Our Mission

We strongly are on a mission to drive growth among startups and SMEs

And build a concrete relation with entrepreneurs and business owners as they are on a path to change the world and we as a bridge build that path over all odds

Our Vision

Our futuristic vision dreams of
collaborating every innovation and
creativity together

and build a community of talented future leaders who can drive the innovation vehicle all around the world and create the best for this planet

Our Logo

There is a huge impact of our logo on our Vision and Mission and it tells a

An AURA resembles the positive energy and impactful presence of an Entrepreneur or Business Owner

The EAGLE symbolizes attention to details and high futuristic plans which is the key quality of innovation and creativity

GOLDEN color is the color of compassion, persistence
and courage

Founder & CEO
Shashank Shukla

From founding a tech startup to launch an ICO and from leading a team of accountants to helping entrepreneurs succeed, Shashank has experience in every departments inside an organization.

In addition to his experience with growth hacking and performance strategizing, Shashank also finds teaching people on how to change their personal life by changing habits which can improve their work life balance and achieve success without working very hard. With years of experience Shashank formulated three techniques to transform a current system into a unique creative system.

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Carol Lin Viera
Partner PR and Media

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Joseph Kochav Lev
Partner Financials and CFC

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Kri Gentile
Partner Branding

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Kyle Asman
Partner Investment and Legal

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Heidi Cotez
Partner Social Media and Endorsements

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Logan Lindquist
Partner Tech and CISION Inc.

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Maria Bjork
Partner Linkedin and Profiles

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Jeff Kopper
Partner Copywriting and Content