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We plan the roadmap according to your market reach and make it a high performing famous business.

Brand Growth Engineering

Gain high ROI and optimize your business for customers

To gain high ROI and optimise your business for customers and growth, your brand should be unique, creative and influential. Our team of experts create the brand identity for your business using innovative approach.

Viral Social Media Advisory

Reach your target market and convert your audience into your customers

Social media is the key towards reaching your target market and convert your audience into your customers. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube can be a game changer for your business, if done perfectly. At Aiisvari we run viral social media campaigns together with high converting advisory for growth and popularity.

PR & Media

Attract customers, investors, media and partners for instant popularity

Content marketing is an absolute necessity in the tech era and it gains audience together with popularity. And this approach attracts customers, investors and partners. Our team distributes press releases and we reach out to various media outlets to promote content about your business.

Celebrity Endorsements

Impactful influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements for your brand

To reach the inner core of your target market, the best technique is to attach influencers and celebrities to your brand. Both of the influencers and celebs generate a massive impact on the market you want to grow in. We do impactful influencer marketing and manage celebrity endorsements for your brand.

Guest Apperances

Get the desired results quickly by appearing in podcasts and events

Appearing at events will get your story in front of millions and it will work as a breakthrough for your business. Events like TED, Web Summit etc can earn you great popularity. We also book you as a guest in various podcasts which make sure your business is in front of millions of listeners.

Advertisements and Campaigns

Well placed and segmented ads and campaigns over various places

Great ads are those who are well targeted, perfectly segmented and properly positioned. Our expertise in advertisements and campaigns help your business to get the desired results quickly. Together with billboard ads, we run email campaigns and social media awareness and lead generation campaigns on Meta and Google.



Aiisvari took my business to a level where its easy for me to increase my sales and gain growth together with popularity.

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James Oliver

I never would have imagined what Aiisvari did for my coaching business. Its so amazing that I am flying high everyday.

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Rosalee Melvin

For me, my business is everything and now I am famous with my beauty products. Thanks Shashank and Aiisvari.

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Macie Naquin

Shashank and his team took my business to great heights with amazing techniques. Great job.

Doug Cohen

Shashank views solutions instead of problems. Knows how to work from a distance in any global capacity.

Raynard Harris

Shashank has consistently delivered what I’ve needed. Thanks for your attention, hard work and commitment.

Ken Holden

Taking your creation all the way up.

Not only for entrepreneurs, artists, businesses and influencers, but for anyone who wants to grow.

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