1. What kind of services we provide?
  • We are a growth engineering firm and we make a business/entrepreneur/artist/influencers popular with branding, PR, media outreach, public appearances, social media, advertisements and content marketing. We make sure you are publicized using all these methods and tools using unique tailored techniques and storytelling.
  1. Are we a PR firm?
  • No, we are not a PR firm, but we are a growth engineering firm
  1. What all will be there in a package?
  • We have 3 packages and all will have all the features suited for your requirements. You can compare the services in each package and chose the one fits your requirement.
  1. Which package suits me?
  • If you are unsure about your requirements, send us an email and we will review all your profiles and then will tell you about the best suited package to you. It takes few hrs to completely understand your requirements.
  1. How do we engage?
  • Same as above question. Send us your info and make the payment. We will then send you our contract and once we get the signed contract, our team members will reach out to you and we will start working on your business’s growth.
  1. How should I determine my budget?
  • Our packages have fixed pricing but if you opt for Growth Flagship, then apply for it with your info. We will determine your budget on the basis of our introduction session where we will ask you specific questions.
  1. Which phase of business do you normally work with?
  • We work with businesses in all phases. Idea, seed, growth and scale.
  1. What kind of businesses do we work with?
  • We work with every industry and have clear understanding of the needs for each one of them.
  1. How do you track growth?
  • We have specific tools to monitor your growth and we work with you internally, so you will always feel we are your team members.
  1. How many hours do we dedicate to one client?
  • We work on daily basis with you because creating strategies and content is a daily approach which will increase your momentum.
  1. Where is our team located?
  • Our team is located in US, Albania, India and Philippines.
  1. Which language do we work on and with which countries for PR services?
  • We can work on any language depending on the requirement and we can run PR in more than 86 countries.
  1. Will I be mentored by Shashank?
  • Yes, if you need guidance and mentorship, you can talk to Shashank when needed
  1. What’s the fee for mentorship?
  • Its free. We don’t charge for suggestions and guidance in any area. Shashank can guide you on each and every aspect of your business. He is a mentor at various big and small accelerators and incubators around the world.
  1. What is PARC Technique, 5 Ps Playground and PI-DIVE technique?
  • PARC is used for customer identification and segregation. 5 Ps Playground is for the content management which increases you conversion rate to more than 65%. And Pi-DIVE technique guides you on departmental conjunction and automation together with market penetration.

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