Raise the growth flag

Celebrate your growth with our equity based service

Growth Flagship

A combination of services to provide your business full growth potential

Our Growth Flagship program is a service based program for startups and professionals who are in early stage.

We work with their team in creating strategies, plan growth and prepare their road to success. Everything in our "Rise To Fame" package is included with top level blue chip advisory for each corner of your business goals. There will be a manager for your business's and your association with best in the industry events and communities.

How It's Different?

Combination of Services & Advisory

Our Flagship service is a unique approach towards growth for early stage startups and businesses. Having us in your team will provide you our power packed advisory and full fledged growth engineering services. We charge a small monthly fee and a percentage of equity in your company.

The Combination

Perfect blend of advisory and growth engineering service for your business

Brand Influence Building

To gain high ROI and optimize your business for customers and growth, your brand should be unique, creative and influential. Our team of experts create the brand identity for your business using innovative approach.

Social Media Virality & Advisory

Social media is the key towards reaching your target market and convert your audience into your customers. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube can be a game changer for your business, if done perfectly. 

Press and Authority Releases

Content marketing is an absolute necessity in the tech era and it gains audience together with popularity. And this approach attracts customers, investors and partners. Our team distributes press releases. 

Partnerships and Collaborations

Every business grows with partnerships and collaborations with other brands, professionals and celebrities. We create unique set of partnerships for your business to grow at full potential. Together with that we collaborate with influential people.

Top Blend Blue Chip Advisory

We advise on every step of growth and potential market or knowledge creation. Businesses normally don’t use tactics which will work specifically in their case as each business is different and unique and has it’s own case story which builds their journey.

Unique Marketing Strategies

Marketing is not just what you think. It’s curated from the scratch for every business. What works for everyone else might not work exactly for you. So, designing your own unique strategies for marketing is needed for your growth. We help you create your USP.

Taking your creation all the way up.

Not only for entrepreneurs, artists, businesses and influencers, but for anyone who wants to grow.

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